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  • Progressive

    Progressive is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research and literature reviews in the fields English education. The Journal of Progressive is a refereed publication which aims at providing on-line access to all those involved in the research, teaching and learning of English  language.


    EMAS PENA is a journal that contains manuscripts in the field of Early Childhood Education. The scope of this journal is in the form of research and analytical-critical studies or innovations in the fields of Education, Psychology review, management, evaluation and Development of Children's Personality, complete information for article writing and article writing instructions is available in each issue or can be viewed through the website: ( Articles that enter will go through a partner selection process or editor. This journal is published regularly twice a year.


    PARIBUS is a peer review journal published twice a year (April and October). The purpose of PARIBUS is to publish quality articles dedicated to education in the field of Economics.
    The scope includes economy paribus accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and also include the scope of the following:
    Economic Data Processing, Methodology, Paradigm, Information Economic Management, Measurement, Analysis, Development Economics, Management Systems Knowledge Based Economy, Facts, as well as Economic Data Processing Model of new and renewable. Our emphasis on content that is topical and scientific depth of coverage as well as new innovations in the field of Economic Education.

    Online ISSN : 2549-8541   Print ISSN: 2580-0000